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Slip and Fall

Public places and businesses have a duty to provide a safe environment for you when you visit them. When a slip and fall occurs, it can quickly turn your life into a living nightmare. You are not alone. Slip and fall related injuries are some of the most commonly encountered injuries in the United States.

There are many causes behind a slip and fall injury. Examples can include wet floors, uneven pavement, and other hazards and dangers. Slip and fall related cases rarely resolve easy. Once you are injured, the parties involved may even blame you in an attempt to avoid liability. Don’t go through this process alone. It is imperative to act as quickly as you can when filing a claim. Florida has a statutory time limit for filing slip and fall claims, so be sure to hire an attorney as soon as possible. Our office is here to help in this difficult time by providing compassion, expertise in the field, and helping you get the compensation you deserve. We will provide an evaluation of your case at no charge to you and help explain your rights so you can make the decision that is best for you. You pay us nothing, unless we win!