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Hurricane Damage Post Hurricane Nicole and Hurricane Ian

Cassandra Jude - December 6, 2022 - 0 comments

Were you in the path of Hurricane Ian or Hurricane Nicole? Did your home or property experience hurricane damage as a result of these storms? If so, you are probably picking up the pieces and starting to rebuild the parts of your home that were damaged or destroyed. 

Although hurricane damage claims are common, especially in the state of Florida, what is also common is having to jump through hoops to get insurance companies to actually cover the claims they once said they would cover when you signed up for your policies, resulting in a huge headache and endless run around trying to make basic repairs to your home. 

What started out as a simple repair and what you thought would be a simple cut and dry claim to your insurance company is now a complicated mess that has your blood pressure raised and your stress levels climbing. And you’ve found you’re not alone. You’ve probably asked around and found your neighbors are also getting the runaround from their insurance companies as well. 

While they may not flat out deny your claim, they may endlessly delay it meaning your roof sits for months on end with a tarp covering it and the flooding you experienced causes moisture in your home that leads to mold over time as it sits and sits in the humidity. Which in turn could become a health hazard for your family living in your home. 

Once they do investigate your claim, they may offer ridiculously low coverage that doesn’t even begin to cover the actual damages accrued from the storm leaving you to pay for cleanup and restoration out of pocket if you decide not to fight back. 

The first thing you need to know when it comes to hurricane damage is that you are not alone when dealing with the insurance companies. We, here at The Jude Law Firm, have your back and we are standing by ready to help you get full compensation for damages experienced due to Hurricane Ian or Hurricane Nicole. 

If you experienced hurricane damage and your insurance company is delaying, giving you the runaround or has given you a lowball offer of coverage, you do not have to accept, you can fight back and we will have your back. Call us right away at 888-488-JUDE (5833).

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